Friday, November 19, 2010

Todays story

Hi all,

Keep running out of subject matter for the old Title :)

Anyway here are a few of my scenes I have done over the last few days. Have had a ball doing them. Also some from the classes I am doing.

The above one is from a class. The ones below I made after getting some new stamps in.



Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My new home for my scenes

Hello all,

Well the last few weeks have been busy for me, so without rambling on here are my scenes.

First one is only a ATC's size. I did this as my favourites.

This is a 4" by 6" which is a normal size usually for me. This one I did for the host of the swap.

This one is from a lesson on Stampscapes.

A card for a group in a brown swap. I tried to get the idea that a photo had been found while renovating a wall, hence the newspaper and the photo not quite in good condition.

This last one, well I started a swap for the letter "K" and I picked Kodiak bear, problem was I made it too big, so I sliced a side bit off and made it into a bookmark. Then on top of it all I never did send it out. :)

Thats it folks, till next time.